I love to create artworks that reflect a delicate balance between realism and creativity. My technique allows me to produce pieces that are realistic in appearance whilst still incorporating the creative effects and textures uniquely achieved through oils, using brush and sponge. My paintings are a direct expression of my ongoing love affair with the African wilderness. 

My work should resonate with those whose heart connects with wild places. Those who find true solace in the quiet, uncomplicated corners of nature and all the beautiful things of which it consists. There are no hidden meanings concealed within my brushstrokes. Quite simply, I tend to be drawn to paint from personal experiences, showcasing the elements of nature which are most significant to me. For me, the greatest compliment is having someone look at a painting and being able to hear the sound of the bird calling in their mind, or to be transported directly back to a moment of personal significance experienced in the wilds of Africa – I believe that is the true ‘gift of art’. 

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