African Buffalo

African Buffalo

755mm x 605 mm • Oil on Canvas

I doubt there’s a single regular game-reserve visitor, who has not at one time or another come face to face with the tempestuous stare of an extra grumpy individual. It stands motionless in your path, with no intention of moving aside. The old ‘African roadblock’ brings back so many memories of the time I spent working as a Field guide. On closer inspection, the buffalo’s seemingly blank stare says so much more than you could ever first have imagined. The somber eyes look straight through you, right into the pit of your stomach, conjuring up feelings of unnecessary guilt and repentance on your part. You then feel an obligatory sense of respect for the formidable creature and you have the sudden urge to bow gracefully, addressing the buffalo as “Sir” as you attempt to make your getaway. The original reference photo is an African classic from Chris Martin Wildlife Photography.

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