Why so quiet in 2015???

This has been an extremely busy year for me personally. I had a rather important wedding to attend… That of mine and my fiance’ ūüôā Whilst I have still been painting and attending to different work projects here and there, exhibitions have definitely not been on the cards for me this year. My painting style is very time consuming and I (like any artist passionate about their work) try to put full heart and soul into each piece I create, and¬†with all the yearly¬†happenings my current portfolio is unfortunately too small to exhibit. Our wedding has come and gone now though, it was beautiful and wonderful in the most personal way, a true celebration of everything that is good and lovely in our lives. As incredible¬†as it was we¬†are very excited that life is once again slowly starting to flow as usual. There are¬†quite a few different pieces I’m working on at the moment, I can’t wait to share them as soon as they’re complete.


On the plus side I have been able to make quite a few trips to the bush this year (because there is ALWAYS time for that apparently). Always one for mixing business with pleasure (my work is a direct reflection of my passion for Africa anyway), I spend as much time in my favourite places¬†as I possibly can, not just to keep me sane but also to aid¬†in the search¬†for¬†new reference material, as well as different outlets to share the finished product. When deciding where to go on our honeymoon the bush was naturally our first choice, and we really were treated to some incredible experiences… I returned home feeling very inspired to get back into my studio!


But, like I said, the painting process for me is a very slow one, and although I’m itching to complete and share new works with you I’m trying to produce pieces that I’m genuinely proud of, and all good things take time ūüôā

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