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This last Kruger trip was extra special for so many reasons, one of which was spending time at Tsendze Rustic Camp where I took the opportunity to deliver the first produced print of my painting “African Barred Owlet” to a very special man, Rodger, camp manager at Tsendze. Anyone who is familiar with Tsendze will know of camp managers Rodger and Elina, two of the most spectacular people you could ever hope to cross paths with. They are both incredibly passionate about the little owls who reside in the beautiful trees throughout the Tsendze grounds.

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My fiance’ and I visited Kruger last Oct and Rodger helped us get some gorgeous pics of his owlet friends, one of which I used as a painting reference.
It was a no brainier to take Rodger his own copy of the painting when we visited the camp, what I wasn’t expecting was his completely overwhelming reaction to the gift… moments like that make me so thankful to be able to offer people I care about such a special part of what makes me the person I am, because art is, after all a completely genuine piece of the artist who produces it.

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Rodger, living in the bush has been able to capture some extraordinary photos of the little Scops owls and the African barred-owlets he knows so well. He spent a great deal of time with us during our stay; sharing with us his photographic work in a most charming, entirely humble manner. He has been kind enough to give me full access to his work for painting reference and I am so very excited to start working on some new pieces ASAP
I just wanted to share a few pics of our trip and also to mention how grateful I am to have met two such good-hearted, genuinely outstanding individuals who are completely passionate about their work- you can expect to see my oil interpretation of Rodgers’ personal images in the months to come, and as for Elina, with her big beautiful smile… I’ve got very special plans for that gorgeous lady!!!

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