On My Easel- Lilac-breasted Roller Update

You might remember this piece from a few months back, I started working on it in September.

There are +- nine pieces keeping me busy currently. Canvases of elephant, leopard, lion, wild dogs, buffalo as well as two individual portraits stand scattered about my studio at present (to name a few). With so much on the go it does mean that individual progress can sometimes be a little bit slow but I’m not bothered by that.

Working on multiple pieces at one also means that sufficient drying time is allowed in between paint applications, not only that but the variety keeps my enthusiasm levels high , each time I work on a specific piece I look at it with fresh eyes and fresh perspective which affects greatly the quality of the finished product ( in theory at least 😉 ).

I don’t stop working on a piece until I’m completely satisfied with it! The progress of this specific piece has been steady and most enjoyable, I’ve greatly enjoyed working on it in between the larger more demanding works I have on the go currently. It has been a lovely experience working off of my own reference photo- I have loved sharing the process …


Reference Photo Taken In Kruger National Park Oct 2014

kruger2014 224

Laying down the base layers


After applying the first layer of the background,

I start to incorporate a bit of detail.


I really like the soft blue sky tones in the reference pic,

They work well in the painting so I don’t want to change

them too drastically, I add some soft jaun tones to prevent the blue

from looking too “plastic”. Detail is added to the branch.


 This is the piece in its current state, There are just a few touches I need to

add, some depth and definition and then I think I’ll be ready to send it off to be

Photographed, Can’t wait.


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