Fine Art Print – Tree Squirrel


Tree Squirrel – Paraxerus cepapi

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Tree Squirrels are strictly diurnal and can grow up to 35cm in length, tail included. Their characteristic bushy tail, which is generally extended backward, makes up half the length of their bodies. The females are a little heavier than the males. Tree Squirrels have acute vision and can spot danger from a fair distance. When disturbed they will immediately take refuge in a tree and make clicking sounds while flicking their tails. If you can familiarize yourself with this sound and tail movement, it is sure to become a great asset to your game spotting skills out in the bush. More often than not, tree squirrels will alert you to the presence of a predator in the area. These highly social creatures promote group cohesion through a common scent that is shared by mutual grooming. This is an important facet of the social fiber of this species.

A Tree Squirrel’s life expectancy is 2-3 years in the wild, with squirrels in captivity living for as long as 9 years.


Each print is made using a fine art printer on premium cotton rag paper. The result is a print that is remarkably alike to the original painting. The paper and ink used are both archival which means the print won’t fade over time.

The print size is A4 (297 x 420mm).


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