Fine Art Print – Yellow-rumped Tinkerbird


Yellow-rumped Tinkerbird – Pogoniulus bilineatus

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Tinkerbirds are part of the African barbet family, closely related to the larger barbets that occur in our region. In addition to fruits, they may take small insects, such as ants, cicadas, dragonflies, crickets, locusts, beetles, moths and mantids. They usually nest in holes bored into dead trees, branches, or stumps. The hen usually lays between 2 to 4 eggs that are incubated for 13 to 15 days. Nesting duties are shared by both parents.


Each print is made using a fine art printer on premium cotton rag paper. The result is a print that is remarkably alike to the original painting. The paper and ink used are both archival which means the print won’t fade over time.

The print size is A4 (297 x 420mm).


All packages will be sent via a local courier company ( below times serve as a guideline )

National Centres – 3-5 working days

Outlying Areas – 5-7 Working days


Packages may be collected on a pre-arranged basis.

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