The Sentinel

700 mm x 1000 mm • Oil on canvas


I actually painted two versions of this beautiful image by Chris Martin Wildlife Photography, back in 2013- a black and white version, and a colour version. Truth be told  I was never quite satisfied with the colour version, feeling that it was rather stark and obnoxious (unintentionally of course). The poor thing just lacked the air of mystery and intrigue captured so effectively in the black and white version- my fault of course, nothing to do with the poor old zeb in focus. Needles to say, the piece has been residing in my studio ever since, waiting for creativity to bring fresh perspective, a revival if you will. It’s a well known fact that creativity is not something that can be forced, and with me, there are certainly occasions where it really likes to take its time to grace me with its presence. However, sitting at my easel one afternoon, contemplating the beautiful valley which plunges forth from the banks outside my studio, I was suddenly enveloped by a blanket of inspiration.  A belt of mist started to roll in,thick and steady, creeping slowly into my brain in billowing clouds, ironically delivering clarity to the “obnoxious zebra” situation, compelling me to pick up a brush. I devoted time to brushes and sponge work and I’m so pleased to say that I am satisfied with the end results- I love the way that the Zebra takes focus in the piece now, and I’m so pleased that the piece finally gets to reach its full potential.

original- SOLD