580 mm x 800 mm • Oil on Linen

“Stubborn”! Buffalo encapsulate that specific character trait indeed. However, the choice of name is not reflective solely of that. It may be slightly self-reflective, to be quite honest. I’ve been implementing some new ideas in the studio recently. In a bid to evolve/ develop my work technique. Keeping my mind fresh and curious, and hopefully improving the overall quality of my paintings. The buffalo is surely an appropriate subject to introduce my revised approach to painting. Stubborn. Not willing to do anything it’s not ready for. Not unless it feels as though the idea is that of its own. Well. I’ve never really been one to do things by the book, and I have my own way of reaching a destination. That’s just how I operate. In my head, it makes sense. I’m not sure just how much of my experimentation is evident in the finished product. I can however assure you that the journey getting there was a far simpler and more enjoyable affair. I loved painting this piece.

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