Cape Vulture

760mm x 300mm • Oil on Linen

I had so much fun painting this beautiful image by Chris Martin Wildlife photography. I don’t think it comes much better than this when looking for detail and texture in an image. Chris’s original image captures the beautiful facial colouration of the Cape Vulture,  colours that are so often not noticed or simply overlooked. I love the intensity of the vulture’s  gaze and the interesting texture of his beautiful leathery neck. This was a great piece to practice detail and texture work.

The Cape vulture is a magnificent raptor, like most members of the vulture family it plays a vital role in our ecosystem, preventing the spread of disease by  clearing the landscape of excess carrion.  The species is listed by the IUCN as “Vulnerable”, the major problems it faces being poisoning, disturbance at breeding colonies and power line electrocution. The current population is estimated at 8,000. There are many breeding projects  underway to try and assist the growth of the dwindling population. Vultures are often seen as sinister and unattractive creatures but i hope this work shows them in a different light and reminds people that they are an integral part of the delicate balance that is nature and a family most worthy of preservation.

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