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Kruger Encounters

We had been driving all day, enjoying plentiful sightings of birds and general game. The car was packed full of holiday paraphernalia. I had purposely kept my new camera accessible, but I had also purposely not attached the new ‘big’ lens. Due to space constraints and also being in the mindset that it would take… Read more »

Painting Sir William- Portrait of an old friend

This is an extremely special story, in the most personal sense. I’ve written occasional blogs about this piece throughout the painting process. For the current instalment, I’ve compiled them all together to form one complete story- so yes; it is a rather long and involved tale. However, if you take the time to read it,… Read more »

Kruger adventure Oct/Nov 2016

What a wonderful bush adventure this was, two weeks spent travelling from the south of Kruger, to the northern most tip, and then back down south again. My husband travels quite a bit with his work at this time of the year and so, knowing that he was due to spend a couple of weeks away working… Read more »

Kruger inspiration

The best creative inspiration comes from spending time indulging in the things that you’re most passionate about. The drive behind my work is undoubtedly my astute passion for the African wilderness. I’m at my best when I’m in the bush, I feel calm, happy, stimulated and above all fully inspired to pick up a paintbrush! Any… Read more »

Bushveld Shenanigans – I’ll never look at rats the same way again!!

Any amount of time spent living and working in the wilderness is bound to bring about an accumulation of highly entertaining and unusual experiences. Each one unforgettable in its own unique way. I love to relive my personal Bushveld adventures; elephants outside the bedroom window, snakes in the kitchen, a Serval in the kitchen sink,  the occasional lioness in your path-… Read more »