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Kruger inspiration

The best creative inspiration comes from spending time indulging in the things that you’re most passionate about. The drive behind my work is undoubtedly my astute passion for the African wilderness. I’m at my best when I’m in the bush, I feel calm, happy, stimulated and above all fully inspired to pick up a paintbrush! Any… Read more »

A Tribute To Sir William

William Thipe Pilane (known to us as “Rhampo”) was born 1929, died 2015 aged 86. I met Rhampo in 2007 when I went to Botswana to work at a remote little bush lodge in northern Tuli Block. Rhampo  lived at his cattle post next to the Majale River, and was caretaker of the lodge grounds… Read more »

Painting Sir William

I absolutely love portrait work! Painting a portrait of someone you know and respect is a privilege. Depending on the role the subject played in your life the experience can also be emotional, profound in the most personal way. There is just something about bringing to life human emotion on canvas (however subtle it may… Read more »

Kicking Off 2016 On A Positive Note!!

Wishing you all a happy, successful, creative and fulfilling year ahead! I must say that 2015 was an incredible year for me personally and I have no doubts that 2016 is going to be even more exciting. I have started this year off on a positive note, having entered the “light Space and Time” online… Read more »

On My Easel- Lilac-breasted Roller Update

You might remember this piece from a few months back, I started working on it in September. There are +- nine pieces keeping me busy currently. Canvases of elephant, leopard, lion, wild dogs, buffalo as well as two individual portraits stand scattered about my studio at present (to name a few). With so much on the go it… Read more »

On My Easel – African Wild dogs

The alternative name of “African Painted dogs” has never been more appropriate! During a recent Kruger trip we were delighted to come across a large pack wild dogs (+- 18 members).  It was early evening,  the first suggestions of dusk just beginning to bleed softly through the foliage, a typically serene, almost haunting time of the day. The… Read more »

My Painting process

If ever anyone asks about the steps that go into producing an artwork I become very enthusiastic and start throwing about  words such as “under layers” and “base tones” , saying things like “the skin has a beautiful purple tone underneath” and “you have to build up tones and then knock them back”… It all… Read more »

Portrait of an old friend

I have always loved painting portraits, there is just something about bringing to life human emotion on canvas (however subtle it may be) that is a true pleasure and privilege. The experience is of course all the more profound when the subject of your focus is an old friend with an interesting story to tell…. Read more »

A most special gift

This last Kruger trip was extra special for so many reasons, one of which was spending time at Tsendze Rustic Camp where I took the opportunity to deliver the first produced print of my painting “African Barred Owlet” to a very special man, Rodger, camp manager at Tsendze. Anyone who is familiar with Tsendze will… Read more »