On My Easel – African Wild dogs

The alternative name of “African Painted dogs” has never been more appropriate! During a recent Kruger trip we were delighted to come across a large pack wild dogs (+- 18 members).  It was early evening,  the first suggestions of dusk just beginning to bleed softly through the foliage, a typically serene, almost haunting time of the day. The… Read more »

My Painting process

If ever anyone asks about the steps that go into producing an artwork I become very enthusiastic and start throwing about  words such as “under layers” and “base tones” , saying things like “the skin has a beautiful purple tone underneath” and “you have to build up tones and then knock them back”… It all… Read more »

Getting there…

I’ve been working on my Lilac-Breasted Roller piece in between a few other larger projects I’m busy with. I’m so pleased to say that there is not too much left to do. I need to add some shadows and highlights as well as some final detail to the feathers and branch which should hopefully bring… Read more »

Southern Drakensberg inspiration

I recently took a trip to the southern Drakensberg with some friends. I have been visiting the area since I was a small child and it is, in my opinion, just one of the most breathtakingly beautiful areas to visit in KZN. Visiting the berg at this time of year I was really looking forward to… Read more »

Hilton Arts Festival 2015

I can’t believe a whole year has passed since I exhibited at The Hilton Arts Festival! As I’ve said before this has been a very busy year for me personally and with everything that’s been going on I made the decision not to partake in any exhibitions in 2015. That definitely didn’t stop me from… Read more »

Lilac-Breasted Roller

The time has come to paint another fun and colourful Roller piece! I’ve said it many times before, I love to paint birds, I love the intricate feather detail, the interesting colour patterns and the different textures and effects that one gets to experiment with. I am quite chuffed with this particular reference photo, I captured this… Read more »

Portrait of an old friend

I have always loved painting portraits, there is just something about bringing to life human emotion on canvas (however subtle it may be) that is a true pleasure and privilege. The experience is of course all the more profound when the subject of your focus is an old friend with an interesting story to tell…. Read more »

Why so quiet in 2015???

This has been an extremely busy year for me personally. I had a rather important wedding to attend… That of mine and my fiance’ 🙂 Whilst I have still been painting and attending to different work projects here and there, exhibitions have definitely not been on the cards for me this year. My painting style… Read more »

A most special gift

This last Kruger trip was extra special for so many reasons, one of which was spending time at Tsendze Rustic Camp where I took the opportunity to deliver the first produced print of my painting “African Barred Owlet” to a very special man, Rodger, camp manager at Tsendze. Anyone who is familiar with Tsendze will… Read more »

Kruger National Park April 2015

The Kruger National Park is undeniably one of my favourite places on earth, growing up we spent many a happy holiday in the Park as a family, being in the park I was always at my happiest. I can still recall, as a young child sitting in the DREADED class room, not paying attention to the class… Read more »